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Our Services

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What we provide.

We are a small dementia day care providing individualized care for persons with beginning stages of dementia. We offer indoor and outdoor spaces to relax and enjoy recreational activities. We offer gardening, music, yoga, a wood shop and much more, all governed with guidance from a caregiver.  We start with an in-depth screening to learn about your loved one which gives us the ability to offer socialization in an empowering environment allowing the client to make decisions on what they would like to be involved with during the day.

Who qualifies for our services?

Individuals who qualify for our services are in the beginning stages of dementia. Symptoms they may be exhibiting include wandering with no defined purpose, forgetting things such as who you are or where they live, forgetting to turn off the stove, or difficulty in decision making. It is helpful if the individual's day is structured through routine, though often there are difficulties when this routine is strayed from. Memory aides are often helpful.  

Dementia is our primary focus,  however there are many different types of dementia ( Please contact us if you feel that you or your loved one have a neurological disease. If your needs are congruent with those of our clientele, we may be able to offer you our services. Many disease processes associated with dementia overlap in their symptoms allowing us to provide you with needed care.

"The most powerful force in the world that can change the lives of millions of people is COMPASSION."

Steven Aitchison